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- SOLD OUT - Fall restock coming soon.
- SOLD OUT - Fall restock coming soon.

Use + Care

I try and make pieces that are beautiful and functional. Most pieces are food-safe and lead free but please ensure you read the individual product page before purchasing an item. 

They are all dishwasher safe but I recommend washing them by hand, dishwasher detergent will break down the glazes over time. 

Most pieces are microwave and oven safe, again please read each individual product page as some glazes may contain metallics not safe for the microwave. 

Pieces with especially dramatic drips or thin lips can be somewhat fragile, so please treat them with extra care.  

As for the mushroom plant friends, they can be washed by hand with mild detergent but they are fragile so please use extra care. 

I love seeing my pieces in their new homes. Please tag @lagadoueceramics on Instagram and show me how you use yours!